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    xecutive power, environmental execution, communication and execution" of t

    October 27, 2014, CQC Guangzhou sub-center Yin teacher in Division I perform strength training training. Has a total of department heads and team leaders of more than 80 people attended.
    Training around the execution overview, the three systems performed, execution elements, execution mode theory and case studies to explain. Yin teacher made a "system of executive power, environmental execution, communication and execution" of the three keynote speeches, carefully elaborated execution system's core processes. Training site, corporate executives, department heads are grouped together to discuss the implementation of three kinds of assumptions, students sentiment, actively interact with Yin teacher. Yin teacher at the same time to introduce participants to the latest 4R excitation force immediate execution systems and implementation tools YCYA.

    Under a:CQC Guangzhou sub-center for Division I, "the implementation of the training" Training
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